How to use rufus to install windows

For this example on how to use rufus to install windows, we will use a 64gb USB drive, and image of Windows 10, a computer, and VMWare Workstation.

What we are going to do is, using rufus to open the Windows 10 iso file, and install it on the USB disk. Once the in process finish. We will use the USB drive as a boot system on VMWare to install Windows 10.

How to use rufus to install windows

Step 1 – Downloading rufus

Here is the link to download Rufus

Step 2 – Open rufus

To open Rufus you need to double click on the downloaded file, the file may have a name like that: rufus-3.8 (with or without the exe extension – rufus-3.8.exe). But it will be shown as an application file.

Once you run the file it may give you the User Account Control message as it need to be run with privilege, or as an administrator.

You can allow this if you want to use Rufus.

Rufus Tool Screen
How to use rufus to install windows – Rufus Tool Screen

Step 3 – Selecting the USB Device

Rufus Select USB device
Rufus Select USB device

Mostly it will automatic select the USB device, please verify that the selected device is the one to use. All the information will be deleted from that USB device.

If needed, press the drop box to select another USB device from the list.

Step 4 – Selecting the media:

Rufus Select Iso File
Rufus Select Iso File
  1. Press the select button to open the file dialog box. You need to select the ISO file (in this case we are selecting a file name – Windows10_en.iso – this is a Windows 10 installation file.
  2. Once selected, you will see it in the Boot Section.


Step 5 – Running rufus

Once everything is set, you can press the Start button in Rufus. This process can take time, depending on the install operation system, your system power, and the current running process.

Step 6 – Test the bootable USB drive.

Once Rufus finish, we can try to boot from the newly created USB boot device.

Stay toon for our next post – How to install windows 10 from usb

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